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Technology in the Classroom for the Busy Instructor

 Several resources are listed below that may help you to search for the perfect "already-made" online lessons and ideas for technology and learning.

The sites below can save countless hours of project preparation, while using classroom technology.

(lesson plans, curriculum, and general information)

Curriki -
Free learning resources for the world. Curriki is an open community of educators, parents, and students who share curriculum.

Learning on the Edge -

Lesson Plans (Over 2000+Free Lesson Plans for PreK-12 - Making Teaching Easier!) 

Discovery Channel School - 
This site provides video and online activities. Assignment Discovery is commercial-free, and it has a liberal copyright policy. Various theme weeks are broadcast each semester.  In addition, each theme has a subject area mentor who can guide teachers who have questions or want to share ideas about projects. Discovery also includes a listserv to which teachers can subscribe and share various teaching questions and ideas. 

Global Schoolhouse - 
The Global Schoolhouse encourages the use of classroom technology and provides many resources, including mailing lists, project links, and products available at special prices.   

Well Connected Educator and Technology and Learning - 
This site provides teachers and education professionals with a forum to share their ideas and projects. It also provides several contests that award teachers for developing projects and investigating technology concepts and then sharing them with others.  

Kids Domain Brain Builders -

Use the News
This is a popular program bringing local newspapers to the classroom. Teachers will find guides for using newspapers to enhance current events curriculum, and tools for evaluation news articles.  

New York Times Learning Center -
This is a daily newspaper geared toward 6th-12th grade.  It includes a daily lesson plan guide for teachers, links for students and parents, and news related activities.

I Love That Teaching Idea - we inspire teachers with practical, teacher created ideas and resources that you can use in your classroom immediately.
Hot Pick Kids Click! -- This site will get you to information and activities for any subject. It also guides you by reading level:!
—Offers lesson plans by subject in an easy to use format:
—grammar games, spelling games, math baseball, making change, reading maps and more (1-5):
Houghton Mifflin
—classroom activities, lesson plans:
Homework Helper:
Collaborative Curriculum Archive:
Education for Kids
—Timely classroom activities, reproducibles, tips and strategies; also, companion activities for Scholastic books:
NEA page—teacher tips:
Los Angeles Public Library (books can be put on hold using this site):
act Monster
Brain Pop
Kids Planet -
Starfall -
National Geographic – Geography Expeditions -
PBS Teachers -
PBS Kids -
American Library Association -
Information & Library Services -
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
Awesome Library Ratings
ENC Online: The best selection of K-12 mathematics and science...
Explorer: Math & Science

Research Resources For Kids & Teachers
Yahooligans—Kids’ version of Yahoo!; a research tool, search by topic:  
Kids’ almanac, encyclopedia, and dictionary:
Ask Jeeves for Kids! -- type in a question, it gives you the source(s) for the answer:
Perdue Grammar & Language -
Google Scholar -
Berkley Guide for MLA Citations -
Citation Machine -
Columbia Style Guide -
Easy Bibliography Site -
Plagiarism -

Math Resources
Algebra Buster -
Algebra Help -
Free Math Help -
Mega Mathematics (Los Alamos National Laboratory) -
US Treasury -

MathStories—Thousands of math story problems organized by grade
level and topic. Worksheets can be printed and used free of charge (1-5):

Hot Pick Weekly Brain Teaser—Each Wednesday evening this site provides you with one new Brain Teaser at three grade ranges (3-4,5-6, 7+). Solutions are posted the following Wednesday:

Math Forum—math resources by subject:
Ask Dr. Math—get math questions answered:
A+ Math—exercises, puzzles, games (1-5):

Math Baseball (1-5):
Houghton Mifflin Math page:
Everyday Mathematics Center:
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics):

Science Resources
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute -
U.S. Geological Survey, Earthquake Hazards Program -
Franklin Institute Science Museum -
I Can Do That! -
Kinetic City -
PBS Kids -
MadSci Network -

University of California Museum of Paleontology -
San Diego Zoo -
ARS' Sci4Kids -
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research -
Web Elements Periodic Table -
Rader's Biology 4 Kids -
The Nine Planets Solar System -
Virtual Frog Dissection -
Butterfly Collection at the Field Museum -
Deep Space 2 - Mars Microprobe (3-5):

NASA Homepage—Information and pictures on Mars Global Surveyor, Earth Observatory, Space Flight, Women & NASA, and more. Also click on “NASA for Kids” to find information on Airplanes, Earth, Planets, Space Travel, Stars & Galaxies, and more (2-5):

San Francisco Exploratorium—Rotating exhibits and activities such as photos from Solar Eclipse, Sheep Brain Dissection, Science of Sports. You may want to check this site periodically since exhibits change (2-5):

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Language Arts Resources
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare -
Palomar Shakespeare Site -
Shakespeare Online -
Kids Pub -
Dreamhouse: Nursery Rhymes for all ages -
Vocabulary University -
Grammar Now -
Poetry for the Elementary Classroom -
The Young Writers Club -

Biographical Dictionary - -
Harlem Renaissance -
The Academy of American Poetry -
Voices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color -

Hot Pick Children’s Literature Web Guide—Spend time browsing through this site! Check out “More Links” as “Authors on the Web”, where you can contact authors, get information on how they work, see pictures of them, and more. Among the authors included are Eric Carle, Tomie DePaola, Crockett Johnson, Ezra Jack Keats, Dr. Seuss, Chris Van Allsburg, Audrey Wood, Jan Brett, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Roald Dahl, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Betsy Byars, Jean George, and Katherine Paterson:

The Author’s Page—Link to specific authors’ web sites, email addresses:
More Author information -
Grammar Gorillas—games identifying parts of speech (1-5):
—spelling games (1-5):
Reading Rainbow site
—web site for PBS educational series designed to encourage and motivate young children to read good books and visit their local libraries (K-2):
Reading games from White House literacy program
(could be sent home to
parents) (K,1):

White House Literacy Program—
reading homework activities (3-6):

Hero’s Journey:

CAL online (hero's journey summary) -
Intro to the Hero's Journey -
The Hero's Journey -

Recommended Reading Lists:

California's List of Recommended Reading -
DSUSD Advanced Placement Reading List -
DSUSD Recommended Reading -

Persuasive Essays:

Fallacies -
The Persuasive Appeals -

Essay Contests for Students & Teachers:

Ayn Rand Essay Contests -
Kenyon Review -
Poetic Power -

History / Social Science Resources
ArchNet Home Page (Virtual Library of Archeology)-
CIA Kids -
How Far Is It? -
The Creative Connections Project -
Library of Congress - Thomas -
United Nations Cyber School Bus -
The White House Kids Page -
Empires Past -
The Greatest Places -
CNN Online -
The New York Times Learning Network -
Time Magazine for Kids & Teachers -
Times Online Global -
Chicago Tribune -
History Course Models -
CIA Web Site - Fact book shows maps and gives information by country on population, military, economy, transnational issues (1-5):
Global SchoolNet Foundation - Online game in which students use maps & clues to determine hidden location (3-5):
SCORE: History/Social Science -

Arts & Music Resources
Art Museum -
Kennedy Center Artsedge -
Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Mr. Holland's Opus Forum -
Music Education Online -
Music Studio Direct -
National Museum of African Art -
Virtual Library Museums Page -
Americans for the Arts -
Art Talk -
Jacobs School of Music -
Strings in the Mountains (Mozart) -

Web Museum, Paris -
Hot Pick List of artists, biographies, sample works [including Mondrian, Monet, Van Gogh, Cassatt, Klee, Matisse, Michelangelo]:
Joan Miro:
Claude Monet:
Georgia O’Keeffe:
Paul Klee:
Henri Matisse:
Pablo Picasso:
Diego Rivera:
Andy Warhol:
Getty Museum—lesson plans broken down by grade:

Scott Joplin
- Biography and other links:
George Gershwin, biography, musical selections:
Art Adventures—Go “into” a painting to learn color theory, glossary of art terms, artist biographies, teachers’ resources, hands-on activities:
A mystery-solving activity that teaches about artists and contrasting painting styles (2-5):
Los Angeles County Art Museum:
Classical MIDI Archives - Extensive selection of composers and their compositions; you can hear musical selections [including Mozart, Sousa, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Scott Joplin, Handel, Bach, Brahms]:

Physical Education
Elementary Physical Education—Description of various elementary level P.E. games & principles:

Special Needs
Attention Deficit Disorder Association -
Sighted Electronics -
Web Accessibility Initiative -
Access-Ability Mobility Aid (UK) -
A Basic Guide to ASL -
Wall Street Journal Article -
National Federation of the Blind -
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services -
LD Online -
Access to Disability Data -

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